Indoor games

Indoor games
Even at home, dogs can be challenged physically and mentally and utilized.

The receipt for boredom can be striking behavior. So that it doesn't get that far, there are a lot of nice activities for times when outdoor activity is not possible or only to a limited extent.

For smarties and intelligence beasts

So-called "intelligence games" are very popular. For example, hide a treat under a paper cup and ask your dog to take it. If that works, add a second mug. Let him watch where you put it. Praise him when he finds the treat right away. Raise to a maximum of three cups.

In the specialist trade there is also a large selection of ready-made board games that challenge the play and feed instinct of four-legged friends. This includes really tricky thinking, in which several tasks have to be solved before there is a reward.

For sniffers and athletes

Search and hide-and-seek games are also very popular. To do this, hide yourself in another room and praise your animal when it finds you there. You can also hide and search for your favorite toy or a treat in the apartment. Combine recognition with certain tasks, such as walking through a tunnel. You can also build this yourself using a blanket and two chairs.

This challenge can be increased to an agility course at home. Jump over broomsticks, run for bottles in slalom, crawl through a play tunnel, long jump over a flat obstacle - let your imagination run wild. What is allowed is what cannot hurt and does not create fear.

Success with a click

The so-called clicker training is very nice but a little more complex : with the so-called "clicker", the animals learn to link the clicker - a certain clicking sound - with a reward. You can use this training method for learning basic commands as well as for tricks and funny tricks. However, it is important to get precise information here beforehand or even better to attend a course.

Very important:

Don't overwhelm your pet while playing and learning! Sometimes just a few minutes throughout the day is enough. Always end the game with a sense of achievement for the dog.