Animal welfare associations in need of existence

Animal welfare associations in need of existence
The care of dogs and cats in shelters and foster homes has become difficult in Corona times.

Animal shelters and animal welfare associations do a great job all year round and look after animals in need with full commitment. However, due to the corona pandemic, the facilities themselves are now in an awkward position.

At the advice of the German Animal Welfare Association, visitors and volunteers may not come into contact with the animals and employees at all or only to a very limited extent. This means that it is currently hardly possible to find a dog for a new family.

The protection fees resulting from mediation, fundraising events, open days, and all other actions that bring money for the care of dogs and cats cannot take place either. In the end, the animal shelters and animal protection associations lack all sources of income, so that feeding the fur noses and medical care are at risk. The dilemma: income is lacking, but expenditure on the veterinarian, medication, and feed continues.

Necessity is the mother of invention

The Tierhilfe francs as has been involved for 15 years volunteer for dogs and cats without homes. Home-made treats made from local fruits and vegetables are regularly offered at events to raise money for the care of 44 dogs and up to 20 cats. Without the events, however, the animal protection association lacks the necessary funds to procure dog food and medication for all animals. But as is well known, necessity is inventive, which is why Carmen Baur from Tierhilfe Franken and her team have now sewed mouth-nose masks

Happy Dog helps

We at Happy Dog also take responsibility and support animal shelters and animal welfare associations in need across Germany with feed donations. You too can make a valuable contribution and help our beloved four-legged friends with a small donation to your animal shelter or animal aid on site or centrally to the German Animal Welfare Association. So we and our animals can get through this crisis together!